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Camille VIEUX-FORT-GERMANY, Journalist - Web

Programmeur numérique

INTERNET: an incredible vector for your professional activity!

Thanks to new technologies, communication is no longer two-way, you can comment on the news, and save it, or even do it!  Previously, it was impossible. Today's media offer as much entertainment as information.
Social networks have advantages. They allow you to communicate with your family, your friends, people who live at a distance, to have fun, to play, to get information. With social networks, we can also open up to the world, to other cultures and quickly disseminate information.ions.
Unlike traditional media,digital media make it easy to calculate the results of the campaigns we launch, in real time.We collect data about prospects or customers and the actions they take.
With its ease of access (but not yet for everyone!) et  Internet increases exchanges between people and offers.
Has the Internet changed the relationship to information?
It's the amount of readily available sources of information that changes everything.. Internet users, who jump from one source of online information to another, without staying there for long.
The amount of information in circulation is more abundant and its dissemination more rapid and individualized...
Our job as a journalist makes it possible to better unify verified information.

Journalist - Blogger:
your international diary
The blog is made up of regularly updated articles dealing with a particular area. The goal is to position your company or yourself as an expert/reference in a specific field, but also to bring visibility to your business or your passion. Held by an individual or a professional, the blog is a dynamic meeting
A website changes only very little during the year, whereas a blog evokes all your news and that of your sector of activity, your advice, your events, interviews with your experts, your partners.
For a company, a blog is a very interesting source of traffic acquisition With more articles and therefore more content, your site pages will be more visible and your website traffic will naturally increaseif you are able to create original, relevant and search engine optimized content.
By setting up a monitoring system, at the level of the competition but also at the level of trends and good practices in the business, it is easy to find topics for articles to feed your blog..For example, focus on topics related to your business that you feel comfortable writing about, and analyze their traffic potential.
This is an easy idea to implement, isn't it?You have a perfect command of the subject, and your customers will necessarily appreciate that you popularize your offer.
You can explain why you decided to offer your service offers, what they will bring to your customers, what makes you believe in them, how you came to offer them, etc. If you can, add images, infographics, even videos that will accompany your speech, it will serve both search engines and your audience.
If you have a broad spectrum of services or products, thematize them. If, on the contrary, you have few offers, go all out.telling the whole story around your product or service.
Do you specialize in writing? You can, for example, create tutorials, or good tips, from your sector of activity, and adapt them by level of difficulty and mastery of the subject.
For example, if you are a marketing agency, you can launch a series of tutorials for creating online advertisements on Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter and Linkedin. Then, detail your tips for successful advertising campaigns etc.
This work can be done for all sectors and all companies.

You can entrust us with your blog-writing work or entrust it to your in-house consultant-expert, he knows your business and your activity best!

But writing articles is time-consuming, your consultant can be too technical which can scare your internet users... Sometimes either he does not have the perspective to write in-depth articles or he has other fish to fry structure or just don't have the time!
So we entrust the blog tomanageror toMarketing Manager !They're therestrategic vision of the companybut who both no longer have the time to dostandbyto be perfecton all aspects of your business!Because the first manages the teams and the second aims to sell!
As tocommunity manager, internal or outsourced,he knows wellsocial networksbut will he know what to say? Will he be able to write an article that will take into account the day before and the problems of the company?
Finally, a journalist can have an operational and strategic vision on all areas, all types of companies, by mastering the ins and outs of social networks and in a sustained process of communication useful to the management of your company!
Entrust your blog articles to an expert in monitoring, strategy and writing

JOURNALIST - Content Manager: GVFmédia, A qualified professional for:

The function of content manager was born from the need for companies to produce quality content in order to increase their visibility on new media.

  • Monitoring of industry newsand general news,

  • Consumer Behavior Analysisand its target,

  • Creation of a content strategy and an editorial line,

  • Coordination with marketing teams,

  • Creating a publishing scheduledepending on its strategy, the pace of production by internal resources and partners,

  • Content adaptationas well as planning in consideration of national, international and internal company events,

  • Content Publication 

  • Statistics and analysismetrics,

  • Applying Changesfor better performance.

So you need a professional! 
With multiple skills and abilities: A bac+5 in journalism, for example, is certainly the ideal course!  
The main thing is to be able to combine its editorial qualities with the requirements of the web (SEO/SEM).
Our expertise is based on the work carried out for SMEs in the field of publishing but also construction.


  • Grammar,

  • Spelling,

  • Syntax,

  • Lyricism,


  • SEO/SEM,


  • Organization,

  • Analytical mind,

  • Sense of hearing,

  • Interpersonal skills,

  • Leadership.


Journalist - Newsletter Writer: Une  custom writing
This is your newsletter sent periodically (monthly, quarterly or bi-monthly) to your subscribers by email. It brings together the most interesting data from this period for the customer - a selection of products on promotion, a news article -, and will thus contribute to their loyalty.
Your newsletter must therefore be interestingthanks to aquality and relevant content. It must give your subscribers the opportunity to engage.
Your business news: product launch, new team member, participation in a fair…. Vour offers and promotions(in progress or to come). A link to your latest blog post etc.

GVFmédia helps you write your newsletter well to:

  • #1 – Increase your visibility...

  • #2 – Gain new readers. ...

  • #3 – Retain your loyal customers. ...

  • #4 – Develop your database. ...

  • #5 – Nurture your leads


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