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Camille VIEUX-FORT-GERMANY, Journalist - written press 

THE WRITTEN PRESS, your safe bet

The written press constitutes all the means of disseminating written information, in particular daily newspapers, periodical publications and professional organizations linked to the dissemination of information.
GVFmédia works asfreelanceand offers its articles at:


  • The national daily press. ...

  • The regional daily press. ...

  • Weeklies and monthlies. ...

  • The professional press. ...

  • The free press.

OUR ASSET: The Portrait
The portrait is one of the particular journalistic genres that GVFmédia particularly likes, with a very human tone, leaving room for the anecdote and the subjective, while informing, it seeks to present to the reader a "figure", a personality, she is famous or anonymous, in her life context, her professional skills, her struggles, her passions.
Extensive documentary research, making contact with the "address book" or the networks of "friends" of the person, the meeting and the discussion with this one, allow a real grouping of information and the choice of an angle which will determine the tone of the final article. Municipal elected official, merchant, teacher or member of the family circle…! Which we then offer to local newspapers or on our own distribution media.
This is an original way to capture the reader's attention. The angle defines the way we journalists will deal with the subject, by releasing the message to remember but also to convey!
To fully understand who we are going to meet and then try to portray her, we must have an idea, even a small one, of who she was. We therefore document ourselves on the person, his news, his activity, both to confirm the intuition, to prepare the contact and then the interview. For distant or missing persons, biographical dictionaries, press files, possible witnesses will be of great help...
Articles for better information
In journalism, an article is a text that relates an event, presents facts or exposes a point of view. For this, he relies on various sources of oral or written information.
Writing a press article  thanks to GVFmédia requires respecting certain rules of presentation and writing, in order to achieve three objectives: deliver clear and precise information, arouse the curiosity of the reader and seek his complicity.
Illustrative photos, because the image touches!
Photojournalism is a form of journalism combining journalistic text and a series of captioned report photos.
It provides information, often related to a current event. It helps the reader to understand the events; it is complementary to a press article.
Because GVFmédia has experienced that the image arouses an emotion, a reaction:   anger, laughter, joy and can also convey information, create commitment or cause enthusiasm,
The GVFmédia photographer works in the field, he goes as close as possible to current events and events to photograph them and thus inform the public...
Our images can have two functions: to illustrate an article or to make the viewer think.
Magazine or review (coming soon): added value for professionals

We are working on an illustrated Periodical Publication, dealing with various topics on health, well-being, fitness and nutrition.
Entertaining, informative and challenging, the magazine is an unprecedented communication medium that GVFmédia has set up to disseminate the riches of the world.
Our magazines and journals are vectors of communication that help to inform while keeping in touch. Created as a real asset to highlight the strategies and actions of institutions, organizations, professionals...
Using a magazine to communicate increases the chances that its message will be well received. Having a magazine on your desk (company newspaper, flyer, etc.) is much stronger than an email! We're here to help you build it.
The online magazine, which has taken off for several decades has several functions and objectives:

  • Make yourself known to a new audience,

  • Build customer loyalty,

  • Sell/bring back lead.

Notoriety, loyalty and recruitment are all objectives to be achieved thanks to this regular publication of content.
Very often the written press develops the coupling with the web which increases the visibility of the company. Powerful media favoring targeting by centers of interest, it allows you to work on notoriety, image and can be broken down into local or regional editions.


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