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We are designers/editors
of all your content web 

Which   types of web content formats
do you need? 

(Small summary of our services on the Web)

Depending on your field of activity, your product or service to sell, you will choose the format and content to broadcast. You can use all content formats  on social networks. Social media makes it possible to interact with thepersonaand convert visits  into a potential customer.You can use one or more types of digital content to increase traffic.

1.informative articles
Blog articles, tutorial, list (10 tips for success, 5 methods of losing weight…), frequently asked questions or FAQ, opinion article, guide, service or product review, result or search for statistical data, etc.  The great advantage of informative articles? The search engines

The video
It is now the best way to convey a message or present a product. Impactful, persuasive, it is effective en digital communication.The vast majority of Internet users prefer watching videos rather than reading information

Infographics (image, photo)
Excellent way to attract the attention of the Internet user and capture his interest. Infographics are informative visuals.The imageest  efficient and fast to share information.

the podcast
Very trendy,  easy to create and viralize, the podcast is a digital audio program that can be listened to or viewed anywhere and anytime. In your podcast, we will integrate the right custom keywords for your activity. You will get visibility and more traffic to your site.

The newsletter
Very effective, this email marketing allows you to communicate regularly with your prospects. Your newsletter will not be used to sell but simply to create contact. This is called the  relationship marketing that converts: 
For example The interview, question/answer
We can therefore interview for you influencers, leaders, entrepreneurs, podcasters related to your activity...

The ebook or white paper
The electronic book allows you to tell more about your expertise or your know-how. Above all, it allows you to acquire potential prospects who are specifically interested in your  activity.

The webinar
Kind ofonline conferencewhich encourages the audience to react, comment or take action.

The case study
The most effective way to retain your prospects and acquire new customers. It is a question of answering the problems of your customer and helping him to choose a product or  to make a decision.

The comparative article
Web content that highlights the potentials of your business or product for sale. So your  prospect can evaluate different offers.

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