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Camille VIEUX-FORT-GERMANY, Freelance radio journalist


- in the form of a report in a magazine format, to tell the story of the event,
- in editorial form in a talk show to express a point of view,
- in the form of radio fiction to entertain,


GVFMEDIA produces all kinds of programs depending on the nature of the subject, the editorial line of the media, the target and the audience of the media:


  •  News bulletin (information broadcast): Short news program on current affairs (5 minutes/h). This is general (all news) or specialized (sports, weather, etc.) coverage of daily events, generally very brief news prepared by journalists, such as ourselves, in the field. We can present a more complete and longer newscast at the beginning of the main periods of the day (morning, afternoon, late afternoon and evening): We prepare the newscast by highlighting current topics worthy of reporting. 

  • News magazine : Periodical program consisting of chronicles and points on a variety of subjects or simply built around a single subject... We can compose it mainly from studio interviews, outdoor reports, or alternate studio and reports. 

  • Radio debate (PANEL DISCUSSION): A meeting-debate or a meeting between citizens in order to discuss, exchange and share their opinions on an ideology, a theme, a news item, etc. We take care of selecting the guests or you can propose them to us.

  • Radio chronicle: Press article devoted to a particular field of current events, this chronicle relates an event, presents facts or exposes a point of view, relying for this on different of our oral or written sources of information.

  • Talk show (interview) : An interview that aims to inform those who listen to it. Our goal is to share knowledge, opinions or impressions on a subject (personal or topical subject). We take care of conducting the interview, you propose the person to be interviewed._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

  • Reportage : In the form of a journalistic account that favors direct testimony to collect, gather, verify and comment on facts to bring them to the attention of the public through the media. We can illustrate it with a vox pop.

  • Telephone forum : Program during which the public is invited to intervene by telephone communication.

  • Survey: Survey on various issues.



  • Entertain: Cultural broadcasts: Radio Roman: 

A radio drama that aims to entertain and make those who listen to it think (type of soap opera (drama, comedy, dramatic comedy), Determine then find the objects to use to create the atmosphere, Practice.


Promote: advertising
An advertisement that aims to inform and convince to encourage those who listen to it to take action. We work out the name of the product, the target audience, the duration of the advertisement (time), the slogan, the sound effects, the music and the voice.


A podcast is a form of audio broadcasting on the web. It can be listened to on the go, on the way to the office or even while working. Unlike blogs and videos, podcasts are easy to listen to while doing other activities (e.g. driving, cleaning, exercising, waiting in a waiting room, etc.)
Contraction of iPod (the famous player from Apple!) and broadcast (diffusion). It appeared in 2004. Today, it is possible to subscribe to podcasts and listen to them on all platforms (Spotify, Itunes, Google Podcast, Google Home, …) and on all media (Smartphone, computer, connected car, television). It's a bit like downloaded radio.
– The topics of the content can be varied, besides we believe that on a personal level, listening to podcasts can considerably increase the time you devote to learning, for an individual as for a professional!  
It's also a convenient way to keep up to date with the latest news on a topic you're passionate about. GVFmédia creates Podcasts in health, well-being, fitness and nutrition, personal growth books and novels, cooking recipes, personal development, novels, medical-scientific advances.  !


Unlike a simple audio file,
you cansubscribe to a podcast
So if you subscribe to a podcast, your software will read the RSS feed and can download all the old episodes of that podcast and download new ones as they come out.This allows you to follow a company, a subject, a speaker that interests you.

You can subscribe to the showwith an application on your phone and listen to the episodes whenever you want in your headphones, in the car or at home on your computer. 

Your podcast is “a series” of episodes like a TV show


The interest of podcasts for YOUR business? 

For a business, podcasts are a simple and effective way to reach your audience. The consumption of podcasts is growing rapidly and many people listen to podcasts when they travel by car (52%), by plane (46%), on board public transport (37%) or when walk, run or cycle (40%) or play sports (32%). These developments make podcasts a powerful lever in terms of professional digital marketing! Profits ?



–The podcast generates loyalty.

– Podcasting allows you to stand out from your competitors.

– The podcast brings your company's expertise in its field. 

– Podcasts allow you to give your customers a voice about your products or services.


We produce your podcasts with the appropriate simple equipment:

- Microphone 

- Headphones

- pop filter

-Software for editing and recording (ex. Audacity)
-Podcast hosting account (ex. Soundclock or podcastics)


Need to be accompanied

by professionals?

Does your company want to set up a podcast for marketing purposes (production, technical implementation or distribution)? GVFmédia can accompany you,contact us!

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