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Camille Vieux-Fort-Germany, TV journalist, freelance
France and overseas 

Documentaire santé
Pubicite TV

Production of TV shows , documentaries, billboards, reports, interviews, vox pops, portraits...

TV-journalist, specialized in health, well-being

Production of PAD programs

for local and regional media

Hosting a show on set remains a fantastic experience! Develop a subject, welcome guests, distribute the floor, learn to better understand their expertise to convey a message. Allow yourself to enter the viewer's home to bring him the real information… Offer innovative content to the media!   This is GVFmédia's audiovisual journalism.

Emission tv

Our Specialty: Positive Information

Health, well-being, fitness, nutrition, nature, psychology, personal development, cultural events, literature...


Like any journalist,our main mission is to research, verify and format information, to introduce you to professionals, professions, little or less well-known events, to provide positive local information: a forgotten profession, an original event, an update in honor of a person, an unsuspected country, a testimony, a story...

The journalists of the most visible national, public or private, local, thematic or generalist television channels are the presenters of the news and news or thematic broadcasts,but we, like the majority of TV journalists, work as much behind the scenes as on the sets of our own studios or for a few other local, regional or private channels...

A small, versatile team, our editorial, preparation, filming and editing work punctuates our days and inspires the work of editors and reporters.… In the field, the editor/cameraman and JRI duo constitute our greatest and greatest challenges, at each meeting, interview, filming and discovery.


The handling of cameras, writing, presentation... Everyone is called upon to intervene in the different roles of the TV journalist. This constitutes an active communication base within   our company!

We produce thematic programs, vox pops, interviews, reports, information bubbles.





In a context of modern news where the image goes beyond the word!

Our main qualities are:


  • Curiosity in the eve of positive information

  • Responsiveness and speed in editorial alerts (Oneshot)

  • Spirit of analysis and synthesis in the transmission of important information

  • Mastery of sustained and rapid writing techniques

  • Mastery of technical tools (image, video, sound, digital)

Journalist - Documentary 

From Journalism to production, we produce different types of documentaries: humanist, historical, geographical, biography, societal themes accompanied by a voiceover that tells and presents the facts PAD 

We start toscript the subject, elaboratea storyboardanda synopsis, then we proceed toshootingwhere theshooting on location, we're climbingpictures and soundsinternally by eliminating the sound effects and carry out the mixing in the studio, the recording of theVoice off,etc

Character interviewsimportant, theeventsand thepremisesto be filmed, other multimedia content to be placed in ourdocumentary report (music, drawings, photos…) we collect everything from A to Z. Making sure to obtain all the authorizations of the  authors of these multimedia contents that we place in our audiovisual documentary film.
Through our documentaries, we reveal the invisible, what the media world does not always show, that is to say the reality of the lived world, by bringing new information and new reflections.

In general,in 52 minutes, let our documentaries persuade you, surprise you, question you, even challenge you! you should feel certain things about the people and things that have been filmed… 

Journalist - Reporter

We carry out 5 types of reports: strict information, story, study, opinion, commentary.

We favor proximity, novelty, what is the most alive, the most concrete.

Unlike the report which fits in time,the documentary constitutes a lasting program and is therefore a work of creation.We will be able to use the documentary over time, and even rebroadcast it.The report sticks to the newsand is used very quickly after its completion. These two types of short or long-term journalism have an incredible impact on the processing of information and the message to convey in images.

From 2', 4', 13' or 52' our reports quickly become a field survey and investigative journalism depending on the recipients:  Journal TV, Dossier, Magazine, Emission etc.

We particularly like this journalistic style, because it tellsthe people's lives,scenes of life, report theirdirect testimonials.Quite a pleasure tobring colors, sounds, personalities, countries, traditions or customs to lifeare…

JOURNALISM - Billboard

Very short sequence (5 to 10 seconds) of presentation of a brand (name, logo, simple animation, announcement of the partnership with the upcoming TV program) as input and output of content, many companies call on journalists to promote their brand in audio as well as in images, even if the advertising agency remains the most important production agency for this type of medium.


In the French advertising context, there are generally different frameworks for using the billboard:
- the internet billboard
- the video billboard

- the billboard in TV sponsorship  


But like the Americans, the Billboard can be an   entertainment magazine published weekly on music charts or genres, news, videos, opinions, reviews, events…_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Local or regional televisions remain fond of this type of program to bring dynamics and variety to their broadcasts and audiences. 

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