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We create and write your event or professional press kits 

The press kit will be your working tool for journalists. You will use it to present your company, your product or an event. This document will allow the press to obtain the elements necessary for writing an article or preparing for an interview.

Your press kit will be a complete and synthetic presentation support of your company, association, project in digital and/or paper version, which will aim to inform various external actors, in particular journalists.

Dossier de presse projets

Different from the press kit the press release  explains the project or new opportunity. 

While the press kit brings together all the elements provided to the media and which may include the press release 

Communiqué de presse tous événements

Your  press kit will be a document containing a set of texts on a specific event or action. Telling the press (and the media in general: radio, websites, television) about your event means keeping your structure alive outside its walls, exporting it.


Release of a product

Your press kit will be a file for journalists. This file will be a communication tool bringing together several documents relating to your product, your company,  

Your press kit will be a document intended to present to the media or professionals in your sector of activity,  who you are or what you represent. Il  will summarize  your universe and your accomplishments while capturing the attention of your target.

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