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My goal 


“The true artist is he who has a feeling for life, who enjoys all things, who obeys inspiration without reasoning with it, and who loves all that is beautiful without making categories. » 
George Sand

Writer Published since 2019, Camille shares her novels and books on personal development and psychology

for the openness, growth and happiness of people   

Roman-drame : La fille du pasteur et le condamné

The Pastor's Daughter and the Convict, from Hatred to Forgiveness, is the story of an unthinkable forgiveness from Grace, a 20-year-old African-American young medical student, for Trevor, the drug-addicted white murderer of her father the Reverend John Connor Brown, sentenced to death at 21 years in the intolerant judicial context of Texas....  Notice 

Roman-aventure : Rosarita, le chef-d'opeuvre de l'amour

At 17, Rosarita, a young Mexican girl full of dreams and ambitions, meets in Vienna, during the summer holidays, without knowing it yet, the love of her life: Aladé, the son of the Ambassador of Benin and of a wealthy Swede. When at 20 they mutually confess their love, they promise to meet again in a few years, once their studies are finished. She, a renowned editor, he, a humanitarian economist without borders, life gradually takes precedence over their love until they lose sight of each other and Aladé is reported missing..._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Guide de développement personnel : Une vie plus épanouie au fil des jours

This 30-day guide is a compilation of advice and experiences accumulated over twenty years, for a sharing from the heart, without judgment, of the physical, emotional, spiritual, financial and mental realities, with which we are confronted, to varying degrees. diverse, on our way of life. How to get out of it as best as possible? 

My vision


I became



“Inspiration begins the work; 

the will completes it. » 

Eugène Marbeau,   Remarks and thoughts  (1901)

Writing is really the fruit of our authenticity and our desire to acquire and share knowledge  and knowledge! 


But it is also to allow others to offer their expertise and their history, whether or not they know how to deliver impeccable phrasing...


Writing allows a beautiful combination of journalism, video illustration and writing  

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